Goldfish® Crackers Party Game

Goldfish® Crackers Party Game
This Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers game will bring lots of smiles to any party, backyard BBQ or gathering.  This fantastic party game is sure to entertain everyone, both young and young at heart! Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers game will bring lots of smiles to any party, back yard BBQ or gathering.  This fantastic party game is sure to entertain everyone, both young and young at heart! We all know and love Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish crackers, but have you ever considered using this delicious snack as a way to entertain your kids, family and friends at your next party, backyard BBQ or family gathering?  Using just a few simple party supplies, like spoons and cups, you can easily put your Goldfish crackers to work and get your friends smiling, laughing and having fun! Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers game will bring lots of smiles to any party, back yard BBQ or gathering.  This fantastic party game is sure to entertain everyone, both young and young at heart!   The game is simple!  Start with a cup filled with your favorite Goldfish cracker flavor – we used the classic Cheddar (my little guy also LOVES the Pretzel variety as well!)  Then, using just a spoon and not your hands, scoop one or more Goldfish crackers out of the cup.  Using just your spoon, carry your Goldfish cracker to the empty cup.  You can place the cup right next to the full cup or all the way across the yard if you like.  I would recommend for the little kids to place them closer together, but if you have Grandpa and Grandma playing, it’s extra fun to have the cups placed further apart where there is a bit more challenge. Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers game will bring lots of smiles to any party, back yard BBQ or gathering.  This fantastic party game is sure to entertain everyone, both young and young at heart!   Partner up with pals!  It’s extra fun to team up with a buddy, and have them hold your cup and to also cheer on your Goldfish cracker runner.  Getting everyone at the party playing is even better!  Grabbing Grandpa and Uncle Dave playing against the kids will definitely generate some laughs and smiles for sure!   Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers game will bring lots of smiles to any party, back yard BBQ or gathering.  This fantastic party game is sure to entertain everyone, both young and young at heart!   Harrison got one!  Harrison and his buddy M.E. were having a blast!  Harrison couldn’t stop laughing, which made it a challenge keeping the spoon in his mouth, and balanced to keep the Goldfish cracker on the spoon.  In 30 seconds, Harrison was able to get 3 Goldfish crackers to his cup, and M.E. was able to get 4!  See who can get two or three in one scoop, or in the next round, who can empty their cup without spilling any.  The possibilities with this fun and easy party game are endless! Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers game will bring lots of smiles to any party, back yard BBQ or gathering.  This fantastic party game is sure to entertain everyone, both young and young at heart! We had so much fun playing this fun, easy Goldfish cracker game!  This game is perfect for your kids’ next birthday party, a fun activity for a backyard BBQ, family reunion or gathering.  It’s great for a summer boredom buster as well!  Anyway or anytime you play this game, you’re sure to generate lots of smiles with everyone! Do you have a fun way to generate smiles with Goldfish crackers?  Share a fun photo, and story at and enter for your chance to win a case of product. There is also the opportunity to win the Grand Prize – an awesome trip to the U.S. location of the winner’s choice, so that he/ she can create more Goldfish tales! What are your favorite ways to play with your Goldfish crackers? Tell me in the comments and you will be entered for a chance to win a $100 VISA gift card! Entry Instructions: No duplicate comments. You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

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  1. Soooo much fun!!!!! My kids will love this!
  2. Mami2jcn says
    My kids pretend to make them swim.
  3. Mami2jcn says
  4. Jessica To says
    We always liked to make designs on my son's high chair with the goldfish!
  5. steve weber says
    We make fun arts n crafts out goldfish crackers.
  6. Natalie says
    We love to use goldfish crackers to help solve math problems such as addition and subtraction.
  7. Natalie says
  8. we make edible arts with Goldfish crackers
  10. Kelly D says
    My kids like to pretend their Goldfish crackers are talking to each other.
  11. Kelly D says
  12. Julie Wood says
    We do crafts and we use them to make fun edible crafts and have fun eating them when we are done!
  13. Julie Wood says
    Tweet entry
  14. Jessie C. says
    We like to play goldfish graphing activity:One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. tcarolinep at gmail dot com
  15. Jessie C. says
  16. shelly peterson says
    My grandson pretty much just likes to eat them but he likes to make them pretend swim sometimes. cshell090869 at aol dot com
  17. shelly peterson says
    tweeted cshell090869 at aol dot com
  18. Gina M says
    Goldfish cracker bingo! Thanks for the chance to win! wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com
  19. Gina M says
  20. Kimmy Ripley says
    Goldfish are great to use for counting exercises.
  21. Fill little dishes with Goldfish and get like a small ball (such as a ping pong ball) & set them up & put them at a distance. Then you try to toss the ball into the small dishes and if they get it in, then you win the goldfish.
  23. Tara O. says
    My daughter loves to pretend her Goldfish are swimming together! I've seen fun ideas where Goldfish are used to teach addition and subtraction and I am excited to try that with my daughter!
  24. We make ediable art with them.
  25. Margaret Smith says
    We like to toss them into plastic cups to see who can score the most points. Thanks so much.
  26. Margaret Smith says
    Tweeted: Thanks so much.
  27. Cynthia C says
    I used to use goldfish crackers for real life addition and subtraction exercises with the kids.
  28. Cynthia C says
  29. Denise S says
    My favorite way is tossing them up and trying to catch them in my mouth.
  30. paige chandler says
    I don't play with them I just scary them. :)
  31. Debbi Wellenstein says
    We don't so much play with them as eat them!
  32. Angela W says
    We like using them for math lessons!
  33. Angela W says
  34. We make edible art.
  35. Stephanie V. says
    We eat goldfish on a road trip whenever we saw an out of state license plate! tvollowitz at aol dot com
  36. Brenda Haines says
    By making them kiss before I eat them lol.Thanks for the chance!
  37. Barbara M says
    We like using Goldfish Crackers when we play tic tac toe! thank you
  38. Barbara M says
  39. We like to craft with them and make a cute 3d fish tank w/construction paper, pop rocks and goldfish. We also like to toss and try to get them in each others mouths.
  40. Ashley C says
    We love to play bingo with them or use them for counting
  41. Brenda Haines says
  42. Christina G. says
    My favorite ways to play with my Goldfish crackers is to eat them, one at a time. Thanks for the giveaway!
  43. Christina G. says
    I tweeted:
  44. Anastasia Falling says
    I love using them as a reward! Answering questions right on the homework & making a game of it! I also love just surprising the kids with a tasty snack because they are awesome :)
  45. sarah hirsch says
    we haven't ever played with them, only eaten them!
  46. Lauren Olivia Wood says
    My favorite way to play with Goldfish crackers is to simply enjoy them!
  47. Stacey b says
    My kiddos love making them talk to each other and just being silly with them
  48. Stacey b says tweeted to share
  49. Nicole Dziedzic says
    My kids favorite way to play with there Goldfish crackers is they like taking the colored goldfish and then separating them by color. They also love to add and subtract with them.
  50. Nicole Dziedzic says
    My tweet:
  51. Nicole says
    My kids favorite way to play with there goldfish crackers is outside while playing, they love to pretend they are little goldfish while making silly fish faces when eating them.
  52. Nicole says
  53. Stephanie Phelps says
    My kids love to play with them in their tomato soup making pretend they are swimming and then they catch and eat them!
  54. Stephanie Phelps says
    I tweeted
  55. LaTanya says
    we make cool shapes of different things with them
  56. LaTanya says
  57. Jeffrey says
    My kids have used Goldfish crackers with their Legos, making big "ponds" for their little guys to fish.
  58. Jeffrey says
    I posted a tweet:
  59. I guess I just like to see how many I can fit in my mouth at a time! haha!
  60. Tweet:
  61. Dandi D says
    My son loves cheese and he loves crackers, so goldfish are a win win for him!
  62. We've used them so many different ways but two of the favorites were making them swim and teaching math to the kids when they were little.
  63. Tweeted:
  64. erica best says
    my nephew like to count them with my niece teaching her colors and numbers
  65. erica best says
  66. rachel cartucci says
    My son likes to line up his Goldfish crackers into shapes like triangles and hearts.
  67. rachel cartucci says
  68. ANGEL JACKLYN says
  69. ANGEL JACKLYN says
  70. Kathleen says
    We count them and use them to play bingo and other games. kport207 at gmail dot com
  71. Debbie B says
    i haven't played with them before- we just eat them
  72. Debbie B says
    i posted a tweet here:
  73. Bert Ruiz says
    My son likes to count them
  74. joe gersch says
    We like to bring them along to eat while travelling
  75. My daughter like dunking Goldfish crackers in soup with her spoon.
  77. I don't really play with my food LOL, but I do like tossing these into my mouth a handful at a time! :-D
  78. I tweeted here:
  79. rachel says
    My one year old is content to just eat them right now! haha
  80. Susan Smith says
    We use Goldfish crackers to use for counting exercises
  81. Susan Smith says
  82. My kids like playing go fish.
  83. maria cantu says
    No playing just eating.
  84. Patty Niedert says
    My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter just uses them in the bowls of her play dishes and eats them all.
  85. Kristen says
    We just bite them in half at the seam, chew & swallow! (they do make good poker chips, but we don't play that much...)
  86. Kristen says
  87. Erica B. says
    Make pictures with them.
  88. Michelle H. says
    I have used them to help teach the little ones in my family to add and subtract.
  89. My son likes to float goldfish in a "lake" of soup
  90. Madeline says
    We like to play tic-tac-toe with them, or "draw" things.
  91. Madeline says
    Tweet link:
  92. Goldfish are fun
  93. I don't play with them as much as just eat them right up.
  94. Karen Drake says
    My granddaughter likes to pretend they are "diving" into her mouth.
  95. D Schmidt says
    NMy favorite way is to use them to teach counting.
  96. D Schmidt says
  97. Daniel M says
    let's go soup fishing!
  98. Stephanie Larison says
    Playing bingo with them is always fun!
  99. Stephanie Larison says
  100. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because Gold Fish make snacking fun!!
  101. Amanda Sakovitz says
    We like to make jewelry out of them!
  102. Amanda Sakovitz says
  103. Stephanie Galbraith says
    We play with them by using them to learn math skills and counting.
  104. We add these to macaroni and cheese!
  105. Thomas Murphy says
    We like to try to throw them into ours mouths from across the room.
  106. Thomas Murphy says
  107. Mandi Martin says
    We make them "swim" before we eat them.
  108. RON CHAMBLEE says
  109. Marcia Goss says
    My grandkids like to count them!
  110. My kids like to throw them up in the air and see if they can catch them in their mouths:)
  111. Marcia Goss says
  112. Sabrina P says
    My kids like to make up stories with theirs as they eat them.
  113. Sabrina P says
  114. kjasus says
    my son likes to pretend they are swimming in to a giant cave
  115. kjasus says
  116. tina reynolds says
    We like to use them for counting
  117. Sarah L says
    Goldfish crackers were not around when I was growing up and I haven't found any that I like. Thanks for the contest.
  118. Francine Anchondo says
    we just eat them .
  119. Sarah L says
  120. Tabathia B says
    My daughter makes words out of the goldfish tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com
  121. Tabathia B says
    tweet tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com
  122. Amy P. says
    I love to eat them one at a time so that I can savor the salty, cheesy flavor!
  123. tweeted:
  124. Sue Barney says
    My boys like to throw them up in the air and catch themwith their mouths :)
  125. Heidi B says
    Twitter Entry:
  126. Heidi B says
    We love to use the Goldfish crackers to play go fish. When you get a match you get to eat one.
  127. Ellie Wright says
    My boys pretend to reel them in before eating them.
  128. Betty C says
    My kids always pretended they were swimming. They also liked tossing them into cups, similar to a ring toss game.
  129. Betty C says
    Tweet -
  130. Richard Hicks says
    Kids like juggle them like balls and catch them in their mouths
  131. Richard Hicks says
  132. Lauren Knott says
    We love playing ocean plates with our goldfish!
  133. Tracey byram says
    Throw them in the air and catch them in your mouth
  134. We used Goldfish crackers for playing tic tac toe while out and about.
  135. Kathryn C says
    #SweepstakesEntry fun game is just tossing them up and trying to catch the crackers in our mouths KC
  136. Kathryn C says
    my #SweepstakesEntry tweet: KC
  137. Philip Lawrence says
    By putting them in milk like you would cereal and watching them swim!
  138. Kathleen Hand says
    My kids learned to spell their names with goldfish crackers.
  139. Charlene says
    My boys pretend that they are swimming into their mouths. I also use them to help teach them math. It makes it so much more fun for them to learn.
  140. Charlene says
    Shared on Twitter:
  141. Heather O'Bannan says
    We pretend they are swimming and we are sharks about to eat them. :)
  142. My favorite ways to play with your Goldfish crackers is to flip them into my mouth.
  143. I publicly Tweeted this giveaway:
  144. Sierra says
  145. Linda G. says
    We like to use the goldfish for counting practice.
  146. Rosanne Morrison says
    We like to use them like poker chips playing cards
  147. Rosanne Morrison says
  148. Tanya Reid says
    We pretend we are sharks eating little Goldfish!
  149. Tanya Reid says
  150. We use them to teach math to the kids
  151. Denise L says
    We like to pretend our goldfish are swimming along.
  152. Denise L says
    tweet -
  153. Birdiebee says
  154. Birdiebee says
    When I was a teacher, the kids' favorite way to play with Goldfish crackers was to use them in math exercises. When they got the correct answer, they were able to eat the crackers.


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