How to Save Money on School Supplies

How to Save Money on School Supplies

How to Save Money on School Supplies

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With an uncertain school year upon us, we can still save money on school supplies for home or school! Making sure your child is ready to learn, no matter the location, will be critical for the success of their school year.

Back to school, with student at a table checking off his school supplies from a list.

How I’m saving money on school supplies this year

I can say with confidence that this school year is filled with uncertainty. Many of us still do not know if our children will be learning at their school, or if their learning will be remote. Living through a pandemic, everyone’s priority is to keep our children safe. With that being said, we also want our children to be learning with their peers, teachers, and the best resources in school.

No matter what type of learning or ‘where’ your child will be attending school this year, I’ve got some great tips for getting them ready for the school year, and making sure we save money on all the supplies they need to ensure their success.

Here are my Back to School Tips for Saving Money on School Supplies

Erin in front of Dollar General store with yellow bags of school supplies.

Tip #1: Shop for School Supplies as Early as Possible

Having everything you need for your child to learn at home or at school is critical. Also, where you shop is critical for saving the most money. I got all of Harrison’s school supplies at Dollar General. I know I can get the best prices for everything on his back-to-school materials list. 

White table top with an assortment of school supplies.

Because Harrison is entering Middle School this year, he has several necessities on his school materials list. Things like:


I’ve got 5 Back to School Tips to help make that transition simple and seamless. These tips include some great kids lunch box ideas and simple ways to get and stay organized all through the school year!

In addition to school supplies, there are a number of safety and hygiene items on his list. Things like paper towels, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and disposable face masks.

You can get all of these items at Dollar General! They even carry designer masks, regular masks and gloves for extra classroom safety.

When doing your school shopping, make sure you download the DG App to get digital coupons to save extra money. Right now you can get $5 OFF $15 on Stationary Items. You can also save even more when you shop on Saturdays, by getting $5 OFF $25 using their digital coupon.

If you are a teacher, Dollar General offers a 20% OFF your entire purchase. Simply show your school ID badge at check out. 



Harrison packing his backpack with school supplies.

As of right now, Harrison will get the opportunity to learn in-school. He is excited to see his friends, teachers, and new 6th grade classroom.

A part of this process is making sure he has everything he needs for learning at home and at school. He loves checking things off the list and getting his backpack ready to go.

Harrison with his backpack packed for school.

As a parent, I also like the fact that he is taking ownership of being ready for the school year. Knowing that he has all the materials he needs for each subject helps him build confidence going into middle school, which is a big step for any kid!

Backpack on white tabletop filled with an assortment of school supplies.

Harrison’s backpack is ready to go for middle school!

Tip #2: Saving Money on Lunches and Snacks

A great way to save money on lunchbox and snack items is to shop at Dollar General.

Dollar General has great lunchbox items like Clover Valley Applesauce and Peach cups, Chewy Granola Bars and String Cheese. Harrison really loves the Good & Smart Blueberry Nut Clusters and High Energy Trail Mix for lunches and after-school snacks.

White tabletop with an assortment of snacks and lunchbox items ready for packing inside lunchbox.

Our school has notified us that lunchtime will be quite different than years past. To ensure health and safety of all students and staff, lunchtime will likely take place in their individual homerooms. This means Harrison will be in-charge of packing his lunch each morning.

A great way to make things easy for him to pack his own lunches is by having easy grab-and-go items in the refrigerator and pantry. I appreciate the fact that Harrison is building independence by being accountable for making his lunches and snacks. Definitely a parenting win!

Harrison standing at kitchen counter packing his lunchbox for a day at school.

Dollar General is a safe and friendly place to shop for all of your Dollar General. They have created a safe shopping environment by installing sneeze guards at all store check-out areas and encourage social distancing. Some stores even offer the option of DG pick-up! Check out this link to see if your local Dollar General offers pick up!

Even though this school year is likely to be quite different than years past, as a parent, I’m doing my best to be as positive and hopeful as possible. I know that we will be ready, no matter where school takes place – at home or in the school building.

I hope this school year provides new opportunities of learning and growth for everyone in your family!


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