Smokey Apple & Bacon Quesadillas

Smokey Apple & Bacon Quesadillas

Sweet and savory.  For me, this is one of my all-time favorite flavor combinations.  I'm always trying to come up with new, easy and flavorful things to make for lunch or snacks, and my son is a big fan of quesadillas.  So I decided to mix it up a bit, and come up with a sweet, crunchy, savory quesadilla that would work as a snack, lunch or even breakfast.  This Smokey Apple & Bacon Quesadilla is perfect!! The smokey aspect of this quesadilla comes from the creamy, delicious smoked Gouda.  I absolutely love this cheese!  It adds such a great smokey, savory flavor to just about anything you're cooking.  (PS - It's my favorite cheese to top a burger!)  Paired with the crisp, slightly tart Granny Smith apple, and thick-cut crisply cooked bacon, this quesadilla can't be Continue Reading...

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