BBQ Bacon Burgers


– 1 lb. ground beef, fat content of 10-20% – 2 Tbsp. mayonnaise – 2 Tbsp. Smokey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce, plus more for topping – 1/2 tsp. season salt – 1/2 tsp. ground pepper – 4 slices, smoked Gouda cheese – 4 slices, smoked bacon, cooked to medium crisp – 1/4 - 1/2 c. French fried onions – 4 hamburger buns or desired rolls, sliced


Step 1

Heat your outdoor gas or charcoal grill. If you're using a gas grill, set to medium-high heat.

Step 2

In a mixing bowl, place ground beef, mayonnaise and barbecue sauce and mix together well.

Step 3

Divide meat mixture into 4 even balls and shape into patties.

Step 4

Place beef patties onto hot grill. Cook for 5-6 minutes per side. Once you've flipped the burgers once, brush on additional sauce, and add cheese slices to melt. Cook for a total of 10-12 minutes for medium sear.

Step 5

Transfer burgers to buns, and top with additional sauce, bacon and onions. Add lettuce and tomato if desired. Enjoy right away.

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