EASY 10-Minute Ground Beef Quesadillas



– 2 flour tortillas medium, soft taco size – 1/2 cup seasoned ground beef – 1/4 cup shredded Colby Jack cheese


Step 1: Add tortilla and beef

To a large skillet over medium heat, add one tortilla and top it with the warm, seasoned ground beef.

Step 2: Add Cheese

To the tortilla, add the shredded cheese. I'm using Colby Jack, but cheddar blends and Mexican blend are great as well.

Step 3: Add the second tortilla

Add the second tortilla to the top of the beef and cheese. Using a large spatula, flip the quesadilla over to toast on the opposite side.

Enjoy with your favorite Tex-Mex toppings like salsa, sour cream, guacamole, or your favorite dipping sauce.

Cut into quarters & enjoy!

These ground beef quesadillas are fantastic with creamy salsa dressing as a dipping sauce!

Great as a quick lunch or dinner that uses leftover taco meat!

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