Italian Chopped Salad


– 1 large romaine heart, chopped – 2 c. cooked Ditalini pasta (1 c. uncooked) – 1 c. thick cut salami, quartered – 1 c. fresh mozzarella balls, halved – 1 pint, grape tomatoes, halved – 3/4 c. red onion, chopped – 3/4 c. yellow pepperoncini peppers, sliced – salt and pepper to taste Dressing: – 1/3 c. red wine vinegar – 1/3 c. olive oil – 1 tsp. minced garlic (1-2 cloves) – 1/2 tsp. dry Italian herbs


Step 1

In a large bowl add the chopped romaine lettuce to the bottom of the bowl

Step 2

Top the lettuce with the cooked pasta, olives, mozzarella, salami, onions, peppers and tomatoes.

Step 3

For the dressing: In a small bowl whisk together the vinegar, olive oil, garlic and herbs.

Step 4

Pour the dressing over the salad and toss well to dress.

Step 5

Serve right away.

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