The BEST Frozen Mango Daiquiri


–– 1 cup frozen mango chunks – 2 oz. mango nectar or juice – 2 oz. white rum, like Bacardi – 1 oz. Cointreau citrus liqueur – 1/2 oz. lime juice – 2/3 cup ice

INGREDIENTS needed to make a Mango Daiquiri

Step 1: Add ingredients to blender

To a blender, add the mango, ice, mango nectar, rum, Cointreau and lime juice.

Step 2: Blend on Medium

Blend on medium-high speed for 45-60 seconds or until all the ingredients well pureed and smooth.

Step 3: Pour into glasses

Ideal glasses for a daiquiri are hurricane or margarita glasses, but feel free to use whatever glass you enjoy!

Step 4: Add a garnish

Optional: Feel free to add sliced mango, lime slices or a simple maraschino cherry.

Enjoy right away!

Enjoy right away while cold. Fantastic as a summer drink, and great enjoyed poolside!

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