Things I Buy at Costco For Healthy Meals & Snacks

Item 1: Eggs

With the high price of eggs, I've discovered Costco has one of the best prices out there! At $9.23/2-dozen carton for Cage-Free Extra Large Eggs, it's a great option!

Item 2: Hand-Pulled Rotisserie Chicken

This might be my favorite thing to buy at Costco. Not only is this chicken precooked and ready to be put in soups, salads and numerous other recipes, it’s already shredded for you. Found in the Refrigerated Prepared Foods section.

Item 3: Salmon Burgers

With 20 grams of protein per burger, they’re also an awesome healthy option for lunches and quick dinners. I love these salmon burgers because they can be air-fried or grilled frozen! Found in the Frozen Foods Section.

Item 4: Frozen Shrimp

Costco is probably the best price I’ve found for raw, frozen shrimp. I like buying raw because you can cook it to your specifications (you can’t do that with pre-cooked shrimp.) Found in Frozen Foods Section.

Item 5: Cauliflower Rice

This package contains 5, 16 oz (microwave steamable) bags of rice. I absolutely love using cauliflower rice any time I’m meal prepping healthy lunches for the week, and perfect to keep on hand for quick weeknight dinners, too!

Item 5: Fresh Berries

Berries are something my family pretty much always loves for breakfast and snacks. On top of yogurt or in a smoothie, berries are a healthy and tasty ingredient.

Check out some of my other favorites things to buy here: