The BEST Chocolate Protein Mug Cake


– Chocolate Protein Powder -- Granular Monk Fruit Sweetener -- Unsweetened Cocoa Powder -- Almond Flour -- Baking Powder -- Coconut Oil -- Egg -- Vanilla Almond Milk -- Vanilla Extract -- Sugar Free Chocolate Chips


Step 1: Mix Wet Ingredients

In a small bowl or measuring cup, whisk together the wet ingredients; oil, egg, almond milk and vanilla.

Step 2: Add in the dry ingredients

Add in the protein powder, cocoa powder, almond flour, baking powder and sweetener. Whisk together with the wet ingredients.

Step 3: Add in chocolate chips

Whisk ingredients together to form batter. It will be thick like cake batter or pudding. Stir in 1/2 of the chocolate chips.

Step 4: Pour into bowl

Pour the batter into a small ramekin. Top with the remaining chocolate chips. Microwave for 60-75 seconds.

Enjoy with extra toppings!

Top with whipped cream, extra chocolate chips, or fresh berries.  Enjoy right away while warm.

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