Easy Halloween Candy Bark



– 1 (16 oz.) package, chocolate candy bark – 1 c. white candy melts – 1 c. orange candy melts – 1/2 c. M&M® candies – 1/2 c. TWIX® fun sized bars, cut – 1/2 c. MILKY WAY® fun sized bars, cut – 1/2 c. THREE MUSKETEERS® fun sized bars, cut – 1/2 c. SNICKERS® fun sized bars, cut


Step 1

Line a large cookie sheet with waxed paper, set aside. Prepare all of your candies by unwrapping and cutting into desired pieces. You'll want to have all of the candy ready to go. (Once the chocolate is melted, you'll need to work quickly before it sets.)

Step 2

In the microwave, begin by melting the 16 oz. of chocolate candy bark according to package directions, making sure not to overcook. When fully melted, spread into a large rectangle (about 10" by 14") onto the lined cookie sheet. Working quickly, begin melting the white and orange candy melts in the microwave. Stir until smooth, and then dot the chocolate with the orange and white candy melts. Swirl the chocolates with a rubber scraper or spatula.

Step 3

Top the swirled chocolate with all of the candy pieces. Let the chocolate cool and set. (Place in refrigerator to speed up the cooling process.) Cut or break the bark into pieces. Enjoy!

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