Work With Me

As a food photographer, recipe and content developer and lover of all things delicious, I really enjoy working with brands that I know, love and trust in my kitchen.   Please reach out to me at to discuss how we can move forward in bringing your product and brand additional exposure.

Here are some of the ways I work with clients:

Brand Ambassadorship and Sponsored Content:

I always enjoy the opportunity to work with products, brands, and retailers that I use often and are my go-to resources for everything yummy!  If your product is a good fit for me and my readers, I would really enjoy the chance to create a delicious recipe or series of recipes for the ultimate tasty experience.

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Photography and Tutorial Development:

One of my greatest passions is photography.  I enjoy capturing the essence of food and also love photographing the step by step process of how things are used, created and enjoyed.  Do you have a product line that could use some step-by-step tutorials?  Let me help show your customers how your product can be used and enjoyed in new and different ways.

Here are a few posts and How-to tutorials: DEM-How-to-Asparagus-Three-Ways-roasted2MM-Flower-Pops-DelightfulEMade-vert6











How to Bake Orange Pecan Cinnamon Roll Donuts for Pepperidge Farm

How to Prepare Asparagus Three Ways for

Spring Flower Pops and Assembling the Perfect Easter Basket for M&M’s®


Event Representation: 

I really enjoy attending events, conference and product premieres and openings.  I would love the opportunity to represent your brand and promote your event.


Social Media Promotion:

Are you getting ready to launch a new product or promoting a campaign that could use additional traction and exposure on social media?  If your product/service is a good fit with my audience, I would the opportunity to share your message your message through my social media channels.

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If I can assist you or your client with any of these services, please feel free to get in touch with me at