Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Tired of “diet culture” telling you how to live your life? Here at Delightful E Made I’m a firm believer in enjoying real, nourishing food without rules or restrictions. My mission is to create healthy recipes and tools that encourage you to be the healthiest, most authentic version of you.

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to Healthy Eating Workbook

includes my 5 most effective weight loss strategies. These strategies not only helped me lose over 100 lbs, but they’ve supported me sustaining that weight loss for over 6 years.

Healthy Habits Journal

An all-in-one journal dedicated to healthy goal setting, building better habits, gratitude and mindfulness and getting your health back on track.

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Breakfast Solution

5-Minute Smoothies that will fuel your body, energize your life and get you closer to being your healthiest, best self!

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