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Rosemary Citrus Water by

Rosemary Citrus Water by

Are you drinking enough water?  I can say with fair certainty that most days I don’t drink enough.  I’m not a soda drinker, but I really love me a cup of coffee.  In fact, that’s the first thing I go to in the morning.  Its not that I don’t remind myself to drink more water, its just that I’m a little bored with plain, old water.

Rosemary Citrus Water by

Rosemary Citrus Water by

This Rosemary Citrus Water is the perfect remedy for plain, old water.  The flavor is refreshing, but not overpowering.  The rosemary compliments the citrus flavors beautifully, and definitely helps encourage me to drink enough water throughout the day.  This water can also be used when wanting to detox, and its perfect when you’re in the practice of clean eating, as there are no processed or refined products – just simple water, fruit and rosemary!

Rosemary Citrus Water by

Rosemary Citrus Water by

Getting this water ready to go, is quick and super-easy.  All it requires is cutting up your fruit, adding some sprigs of rosemary, and pouring water.  I like to do this at the beginning of the day, and store it the fridge keeping it cold.  I simply fill my glass when I need a refill.

Rosemary Citrus Water by

Rosemary Citrus Water by

I also like to keep my travel glass filled and ready to go when I’m in the car running errands.  It not only keeps me hydrated when I’m out and about, but it prevents me from spending extra money on drinks, and consuming extra useless calories.  Win, Win!!

Rosemary Citrus Water by

Rosemary Citrus Water by

This Rosemary Citrus Water is super easy to put together at the beginning of your day.  Here’s how it comes together:

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Rosemary Citrus Water
Recipe type: Drink
Cuisine: American
Serves: 1-2
Prep time:
Total time:
This Rosemary Citrus Water is a delicious, easy way to stay hydrated. It can be used as a detox drink, or when making a priority of clean eating.
  • One lemon, sliced
  • One lime, sliced
  • One orange, sliced
  • 3-5 sprigs of Rosemary
  • 2 qts. (64 oz) cold, filtered water
  1. In a large pitcher, add the sliced lemon, lime, orange and rosemary. Pour the filtered water over the top. Add ice if you prefer. Keep refrigerated and consume throughout the day.

As you can see, it can’t get much simpler than that!  I’m proud to say that since I’ve been drinking this water, my desire to have other not-so-healthy beverages has diminished greatly.  And it really helps to have a travel cup filled and ready to take with me in the car throughout the day.  As a result, I have more energy, feel more hydrated and more healthy!




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