Snowday Sledding and Reindeer Pretzel Snacks

Snowday Sledding and Reindeer Pretzel Snacks
A salty-sweet snack that Santa will love!  With just a few ingredients these Reindeer Pretzel Snacks  are the perfect holiday treat!

Reindeer Pretzel Snacks by Delightful E Made

As many of you know,  I grew up in the great planes of South Dakota.  Winters there were fierce, with lots of snow, ice and frigid temperatures.  As a kid, we often had days off from school due to the treacherous winter weather.  If the temp was above zero (many times it was not), we would suit up and go play outside – making snow forts and lots of sledding.

Now that me and my family live in Northern Virginia, winters are much more mild, but we still get a few snow days now and again.  Yesterday, was one of those days where winter memories are made.  My son Harrison and many of his neighborhood friends gathered at our neighborhood sledding hill and had an absolute blast.  We froze our keesters off as we were out in the snow and sleet for over four hours.  But when your a kid, frozen fingers and toes don’t matter as much when you’re having fun.

Sledding Fun

Sledding Fun

Once we finally came inside to thaw, our first order of business was some hot cocoa and a snack.  These Reindeer Pretzel Snacks hit the spot after a long afternoon of winter fun!  The salty, sweet combination is something that everyone seems to love (including me!), and are perfect with a nice hot cup of cocoa.

I’ve been making these every Christmas since I’ve been married…ummmm, that’s going on around 11 years now!  Its probably because they are super easy to make, only requiring three ingredients.  I tend to make a HUGE batch of these, as they are perfect for your holiday goodie trays, fun holiday treats for your coworkers, and Santa even loves them!  🙂

A salty-sweet snack that Santa will love!  With just a few ingredients these Reindeer Pretzel Snacks  are the perfect holiday treat!

Reindeer Pretzel Snacks by Delightful E Made

These are so simple to make they barely require a recipe.  Regardless, here ya go:

Yields many

Reindeer Pretzel Snacks

These salty, sweet pretzel snacks are the perfect holiday treat!

10 minPrep Time

10 minTotal Time

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  • Waxed Paper
  • Mini Pretzels (like Snyders)
  • White Chocolate Candy Melts (like Wilton's or Candiquik)
  • Plain Holiday M&M's (red and green)


  1. Lay out a couple sheets of waxed paper. On top of the paper, line up several pretzels.
  2. In the microwave, melt the white chocolate (per package instructions), usually no more than 1 minute. I tend to do 30 second increments, and check/stir in between.
  3. With the melted white candy, with a spoon, drizzle the chocolate into the three holes of the pretzel. You can do several at once. Before the chocolate begins to harden, press three M&M candies into each hole. (I like to do two green for the eyes, and one red for the nose.)
  4. Let dry/cool completely (at least 15 minutes). Store in an airtight container.

As you can see, these are REALLY easy to make.  They are fun to make with your kids, and are a fun little treat to leave out for Santa on Christmas eve.  They are a fun snack to have for holiday parties, or just to have at home during Christmas.

I hope you get the chance to make some snowday memories like we have.  Have a wonderful Holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Rachel says
    I knew you would have whipped something up on your snow day ; )
  2. Definitely looks like there was a lot of fun in the snow! I need to make these with the kids, they would really enjoy them!
  3. How cute are these!! They turned out great!
  4. Well, now we are in the frigid temps (in Utah) cold. The poor kids can't even go out for recesses because it's too cold to play outside. I'm already waiting for summer...or maybe I need to go where you're at! These pretzel snacks are so adorable! Perfect to make with my kids and nieces/nephews for my annual Christmas party. They will have so much fun! Pinning!
    • says
      Thanks so much, Gloria! They are really fun to make - the kids really love them! Enjoy! ~Erin
  5. These treats look super fun and tasty - I love cooking where little hands can help! I pinned this :) I'm stopping by from #WhimsyWednesdays and hoping you have a great day! Ang Juggling Act Mama
  6. These pretzels look like such fun and cute treats! So festive and perfect for Christmas, love your moose mug too :) Hope you try to stay warm Erin and enjoy the rest of the weekend!
  7. What a super cute idea! I love little morsels like this that you can pop in your mouth and take very little effort to make! Totally going to try these! Thanks for sharing at Saturday Night Fever - pinning now!!

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