Pepperidge Farm® Milano® Mint Chocolate Moment

Pepperidge Farm® Milano® Mint Chocolate Moment
Some days we need a moment just to breathe, to relax and to savor our favorite flavors.  If you love chocolate and mint, there is something perfect from Pepperidge Farm® Milano® Cookies, create a Milano Mint Chocolate Moment for yourself, and rediscover what it means to take time for you! If you love chocolate and mint, create a Milano Mint Chocolate Moment for yourself, and rediscover what it means to take time for you!These last couple of months have been rather hectic and stressful.  The holidays are always busy, trying to get things done for everyone in our family.  Once January rolls around, the New Year begins and school starts up again.  We’ve tried to get back into our regular routine, however, Mother Nature has had other ideas giving us multiple snow-days and late starts.  Not only does this make it hard on a tired and weary 1st grader, it makes it especially hard on his mommy that works from home. Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookiesI love being a mommy, wife, and blogger, but sometimes it can be overwhelming keeping up with the many roles we all play! That’s when it’s important to pause and take a moment to appreciate yourself… even in the midst of everyday chaos. And Pepperidge Farm Milano gives me the perfect chance to savor a moment to myself. Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookies Things get rushed, too many things get scheduled, and we end up running ourselves ragged trying to “fit it all in.”  Sometime I find myself asking, “When do I fit in some time for me?”  At that moment, I dropped what I was doing, and had a Milano Mint Chocolate Moment for myself!  I went to the pantry, took out these delicious Milano Mint Cookies, and made a Mint Hot Chocolate just for ME!  Do you ever make things just for yourself?  Yeah, me either.  For me, its always something for my family or for my son…never do I make a special snack or treat that is just for me. I turned off all the screens and noise, sat down at the table with my Mint Milano cookies and mint hot chocolate, and enjoyed one delicious bite at a time! Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookies My Milano Mint Chocolate Moment was wonderful!  The chocolate and mint sandwiched between the crisp, delicious cookies paired perfectly with the creamy, minty hot chocolate.  One of my favorite ways to enjoy a Milano cookie is to dunk it! Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookies Once I finished my snack, I found myself asking, “Why don’t I do this more often?”  So from that point, I’ve decided, at 2pm at least a couple days a week, I’m going to have a Milano Moment, just for myself.  A quiet time, where I can reflect on my day, and appreciate all the wonderful things that are happening in my life.  I’ve discovered that once I have a few minutes to take a breath, I’m able to have a bit more clarity.  I’m able to regroup, re-focus and move forward with everything that is yet to be accomplished.  Watch out world, here I come! How do you like to take a moment for yourself?  Do you find that once you take a breath, you’re ready to get back out there and seize the day?  Leave me a comment, and let me know.  If you leave a comment, you’ll be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!  Entry Instructions: No duplicate comments. You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

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  1. heather says
    My favorite way to press pause, unwind, and enjoy the moment is to take a nice hot bubble bath with my favorite soft music.
  2. I'm not able to very often, but sometimes, just going through the Starbucks drive-thru is a big treat! CHAMBANACHIK(AT)GMAIL(DOT)COM
  3. Lisa Brown says
    I like to make coffee, grab a good book and just read and relax.
  4. Lisa Brown says
  5. Julie Wood says
    I take time for myself by making sure to exercise and meditate! It is very important for me to have me time to rejuvenate! I also do yoga which really relaxes me.
  6. Julie Wood says
    Tweet Entry
  7. Stephanie says
    i like to get face masks
  8. Stephanie says
  9. steve weber says
    I like to enter contests when every one goes to bed.
  10. Betsy Barnes says
    Usually, in the late afternoon, I like to take a break with a walk at a near by park. When I get back, I enjoy a cup of tea :)
  11. courtney b says
    it may sound crazy to some, but my favorite way to relax is either BLOG or go to the gym put on my headphones and zone out. ; Love the peace and quiet and no screaming kids! Thanks!
  12. Betsy Barnes says
    My tweet --
  13. Mami2jcn says
    I take a moment and enjoy an iced tea.
  14. courtney b says
    I like to go to the gym put on my headphones and zone out. No kids screaming !I can walk on treadmill and breathe a sigh and know i'm exercising and relaxing at the same time!
  15. Mami2jcn says
  16. I like to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a book
  18. Kelly D says
    I take a moment for myself by sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee.
  19. Kelly D says
  20. nicole dz says
    I take a moment out for myself by talking a walk through the park and enjoying the nice weather.
  21. nicole dz says
    Shared on twitter:
  22. Natalie says
    I make time for myself by getting up early in the morning to work out at the gym. It gives me energy and peace!
  23. Natalie says
  24. I like to take a moment for myself with a a few homemade chocolate dipped potato chips right out of the freezer. I love to just sit back and enjoy the salty and sweet combination!
  25. First this looks so dang good! Second, I love that cup and saucer! And third, I love to take a moment with a Diet Coke, a good book or catch up on my DVR shows!
  26. Here is my tweet:
  27. I've started to do the same thing. Stop in the middle of the day, make a cup of tea and catch up on some reading. It leaves me refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.
  28. I love mint Milanos. We used to buy them ALL THE TIME before my husband had to start eating gluten-free. I wish they had a gluten-free version :)
  29. Yes! It always helps to step back and breathe for just a second or two. One of the greatest lessons of having children is learning to shower first thing in the morning even when it seems impossible. You need that second or two to catch your breath before beginning the day.
  31. I need to have a Milano moment, too!! Looks so delicious and I love that cup and saucer!
  32. patricia c. says
    Check out @crunchycolletti's Tweet:
  33. patricia c. says
    I take a moment to myself by running on the treadmill and watching documentaries on Netflix
  34. I need a Milano moment, or twenty, right meow. Seriously, just to escape the madness, ah!
  35. Carolsue says
    Yes, after a deep breath (and a cup of tea) I am ready to go again and seize the day! The deep breath revitalizes me and the tea perks me up!
  36. My moment to myself is before I go to bed, curled up with a good book.
  37. Melissa M says
    I like to go on hikes.
  38. Melissa M says
  39. Jennifer says
    I love mint too! I make a cappuccino at home with peppermint creamer added and watch my favorite shows I've recorded.
  40. looks delicious :-) Love the Milano cookies :-) Thanks for sharing!
  41. Amy C. says
    I like to take a time out with a coffee, biscotti and my favorite TV show!
  42. Christine Mayfield says
  43. Christine Mayfield says
    I like to take a moment for myself before the kids wake up. I sit and read and pray and enjoy the silence.
  44. Ellen Casper says
    I take a moment with a cup of tea, snack and reading emails
  45. Ellen Casper says
  46. I make myself a cup of coffee...and sneak a bit of chocolate. I do this when its quite, it gives me a little recharge.
  47. Jessi A says
    Usually my "Moment" happens at the end of the day! It always includes a hot cup of sleepy time tea and it would pair wonderfully with on those yummy treats!
  48. Becky Horn says
    I relax by taking a nice warm bath, cuddling up under my blanket and watch my shows.
  49. Yes! Every night after the boys are asleep, I love to just sit in peace and quiet. Silence is a beautiful sound! I wish I had seen this sooner---I made hot chocolate, but I will have to try this one!!
  50. I set aside a moment of time every week to read and relax.
  51. Amanda Stano says Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!
  52. I do find that a little break helps me to re-energize. But, I have a hard time making myself stop and take the's something I definitely need to work on.
  53. Diana R. says
    I like to take a moment for myself by having any sweet treat that includes some chocolate, Milanos are great!
  54. Cynthia C says
    Yes, stopping to take a moment for myself definitely re-energizes me and makes me want to accomplish something.
  55. Cynthia C says
  56. I go for a walk on the trail by my house
  57. Jessie C. says
    I like to take a moment for myself by reading in the early morning with coffee, alone. tcarolinep at gmail dot com
  58. Jessie C. says
  59. Stacey b says
    I take a moment for myself by enjoying my cup of coffee in the morning before I wake up the kids.
  60. Stacey b says Tweeted
  61. Shannon says
  62. Shannon says
    I love my morning hot shower!
  63. Madeline says
    I take a little time for myself almost every day with a cup of coffee and frothed milk. And I read a bit, either while I’m on the treadmill, or at lunch break.
  64. Madeline says
    Tweet link:
  65. latanya says
    I like taking a walk
  66. latanya says
  67. rachel says
    Saturday afternoons at the gym -- my hubby watches the baby, so it's me time.
  68. Kristen says
    I love to take a drink and sit out in my backyard watching the birds nesting.
  69. Kristen says
  70. Kiki Parr says
    When I find the time to take a moment to myself, I like to bake Korean delicacies and sit on my couch with a good book.
  71. I like to take the time to read before going to sleep. my own quiet time.
  72. tweeted at
  73. ELIZABETH P says
    I like to take time and look at pictures of what we have done the last week or month. Really makes me appreciate all the fun and love we have as a family. truckredford(at)Gmail(Dot)com
  74. Katherine says
    I like to go into my sewing room and quilt
  75. Katherine says
  76. amy rouse says
    How do you like to take a moment for yourself? a chair on the bank of the St Lawrence River, my knitting and a ice cold coke. Heavenly me time Do you find that once you take a breath, you’re ready to get back out there and seize the day? I'm always calmer after I have some knitting time.
  77. amy rouse says
  78. tina m says
    i take a hot bath and a glass of wine!
  79. tina m says
  80. Sandy Klocinski says
    I like to sit in the quiet, no television and no music, and just listen (This pairs very well with a cup of coffee and a couple of Milanos before anyone else has gotten up in the morning)
  81. Sandy Klocinski says
  82. Margaret Smith says
    I love to wake early in the morning, relax and enjoy a hot cup of tea or two in the morning before my family wakes in the morning. I enjoy sitting back, watching the sun rise and being thankful for all that I have. Thanks so much.
  83. Margaret Smith says
    Tweeted: Thanks again.
  84. I like to take a walk
  85. I relax by taking a long hot shower.
  86. Denise S says
    I like to read in bed at the end of the day while eating treats. lazybones344 at gmail dot com
  87. sarah hirsch says
    i always take time to enjoy time by myself, whether it is to pursue a hobby or just to watch some TV
  88. paige chandler says
    I take a stress relief bubble bath with me phone and no kids.
  89. Debbi Wellenstein says
    I relax in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book!
  90. Neil Barto says
    I enjoy reading a book or watching a movie to relax
  91. Stephanie V. says
    vanilla latte and milk chocolate Milano cookie - the best! tvollowitz at aol dot com
  92. A long, hot shower.
  93. Anastasia Falling says
    When I take some time to myself, I love to grab some chocolate or yummy cookies and watch a good sci fi movie :) That’s that height of indulgence for me :)
  94. Anastasia Falling says
    Tweeted :) -
  95. Barbara Montag says
    I take time for myself by having a regular reading time. This so relaxes me. thank you
  96. Barbara Montag says
  97. Ashley C says
    I like to take time for me to enjoy life by getting my exercise on. A good run or walk outside reminds me of how beautiful this life is and how thankful I am.
  98. Gina M says
    I take a moment in the mornings when everyone is still asleep. I brew a special cup of coffee and enjoy some quiet time. Thanks for the chance to win! wildorchid985 at gmail dot com
  99. Gina M says
  100. I like to exercise outside around my neighborhood. I find it relaxing and I love to get fresh air, see nature and clear my head.
  101. Stephanie Phelps says
    I make time for myself by making sure the kids are in bed at a regular time each night so I can just sit and relax and watch a movie or read a book!
  102. Stephanie Phelps says
    I tweeted
  103. Rebecca says
    I enjoy hot baths and chocolate!
  104. Tara O. says
    I take a moment for myself by drinking a cup of coffee and reading a book. I do find that taking this break helps me get back out there in the demanding world!
  105. Christine Oh says
    I savor the moment by eating favorite foods, cuddling with my dog, and sitting on the couch and thinking about nothing.
  106. I take time out for myself by making sure I have a daily workout. Taking time to keep fit and healthy makes me feel good.
  107. I love going for a walk by myself sometimes so that I can think through stuff, once I have that time alone I feel more clearheaded and refreshed.
  108. Tweeted:
  109. I love sitting on my porch swing, watching and listening to the wildlife.
  111. Janice Cooper says
    Yes I feel if I take a deep breath and relax for a moment, I'm more energized and ready to seize the day again.
  112. Janice Cooper says
  113. Rebecca Graham says
    I like to unwind with a good book or by watching a movie.
  114. LAMusing says
    A moment or two at sunset looking at the ocean help me appreciate and reflect.
  115. I love to snuggle up with a hot drink and a good book.
  116. I love taking the time to sew or knit. :-)
  117. joe gersch says
    I atake a moment with a long walk with my dogs
  118. I like to get out and take a walk, it refreshes me.
  119. Nicole Larsen says
    I like to go for weekly pedicures and take long baths when the kids are in bed.
  120. Stephanie Galbraith says
    I take time to myself surfing the internet.
  121. Kimmy Ripley says
    I like to meditate for a few moments throughout the day.
  122. I like to take time out for myself by visiting my garden, I find that I usually come back into the house feeling better.
  123. maria cantu says
    I take a walk to relax.
  124. Michelle H. says
    I find that when I workout, I feel healthier and better equipped to face the day.
  125. Christina O says
    I like to take a walk. I;m still working on the take a breath and seize the day thing.
  126. Bert Ruiz says
    I take a moment for myself by going to the park and read the Bible
  127. Bert Ruiz says
  128. I like to pray, read a devotional, or listen to a song
  129. *tweet, tweet*
  130. Anna Pry says
    for me its by reading a good book or taking a bath
  131. Anna Pry says
    i tweeted
  132. Mornings with a cup of coffee before the hectic begins is one of my favorite times to savor the moment.
  133. Take a nap
  134. I take a long hot shower daily and it helps. kport207 at gmail dot com
  135. Debbie B says
    i like to relax at home and watch my soap operas!
  136. Debbie B says
    i posted a tweet here:
  137. sherri crawford says
    i like to take a long hot bath to re center myself
  138. I like to sit down and watch some SportsCenter after the kids go to bed.
  139. tweeted:
  140. Susan Smith says
    My favorite way to slow down and take time for me is to read a good book while drinking wine on my deck.
  141. Susan Smith says
  142. mickeyfan says
    I have been known to take a "mental health" day from work. Amazing!
  143. Erica B. says
    I lay in bed and read.
  144. Richard Hicks says
    I relax by soaking in a hot tub and listening to music
  145. Richard Hicks says
  146. I like to have a smoke and play computer games. Sometimes I'll read and take a bath/watch a movie. Whatever strikes at the moment. Thanks for the giveaway!
  147. Aurelie Red says
    After lunch, I like to make coffee and just read a good book !
  148. Aurelie Red says
    My tweet
  149. Melissa says
    I relax by listening to my favorite music! :)
  150. Ellie Wright says
    I like to take a long hot bath and read a cozy mystery. It's my favorite way to unwind and take a moment to relax and rejuvenate myself.
  151. Ellie Wright says
  152. Kathy Pease says
    I like to give myself a facial it always makes me feel better
  153. Kathy Pease says
  154. erica best says
    i love to do that doing a hot shower
  155. erica best says
  156. Carolyn Daley says
    Sometimes I take a moment for myself by finding a show or movie to watch on Netflix.
  157. Carolyn Daley says
    I tweeted.
  158. I get up extra early to have some quiet time to myself and my cup of coffee so that I can start the day with serenity.
  159. Sarah L says
    I relax in the warm swimming pool and reflect on what I'm thankful for. Thanks for the contest.
  160. Sarah L says
  161. Crystal Smith says
    Often all it takes for me to feel energized and regrouped is to take a few minutes to sit on the back porch, enjoy a glass of wine, and enjoy the quiet before heading back inside to the "real world".
  162. WHITNEY says
    I take a moment for myself each night by laying in bed and watchingsome TV!
  163. WHITNEY says
    I sent a tweet
  164. Denise L says
    I take a moment for myself by reading a good book.
  165. Denise L says
    tweeted -
  166. Daniel M says
    just step back from the work and do something else for 5 minutes
  167. Daniel M says
    I wish I could just take 5 and find all the solutions, but they are too elusive
  168. Betty C says
    I work late at night so being up early in the morning is rare. But I love being outside with my coffee before the rest of the world starts moving. It's incredibly relaxing and makes the rest of the day so much easier.
  169. Betty C says
    Tweet -
  170. I read or soak in a bath!
  171. I like to bicycle!
  172. I like to sneak off to bed with a good book
  173. I like to go for a long walk or run! Alone!
  174. Tweet:
  175. I like to listen to music to relax.
  176. Lisa Voyce says
    When I need a moment, I love to take a hike in the woods. While I am a long distance backpacker and can spends weeks/months out there hiking day in and day out, a hour in the woods can recharge/refresh me.
  177. Wanda McHenry says
    I have it lucky, my husband was okay with me leaving the work force so I wouldn't have to sit in traffic. I take time for myself by enjoying my coffee in the morning and gazing out my sliding glass door at the birds, my flowers and plants.
  178. Wanda McHenry says
  179. Annette says
    I savor that moment and take pleasure in the journey that is life by making sure I spend time expressing gratitude for each day and enjoying each moment.
  180. Annette says
  181. Amanda Sakovitz says
    Yes I feel like that after running
  182. Amanda Sakovitz says
  183. Tracey byram says
    I walk the dogs and let my mind roam
  184. I like to go on a photo shoot in my own backyard. Focusing on nature is rejuvenating and helps me cope with every day stress a lot better!
  185. I tweeted here:
  186. Lisa Garner says
    I take time for myself by setting on my porch swing and reading a book.
  187. Lisa Garner says
    I Tweeted:
  188. Francine Anchondo says
    I like to read a book to relax.
  189. Thomas Murphy says
    I like to take a walk outside for my moment.
  190. Kathryn C says
    my #SweepstakesEntry tweet: KC
  191. Thomas Murphy says
  192. Kathryn C says
    taking a nap either on my lounge outside on the deck or on my comfy couch KC
  193. Shannon says
    My hubby built me a wooden swing in the back yard...I love to swing out there and reflect. And yes it energizes me!
  194. Seyma Shabbir says
    I usually take a moment by getting a haircut, shampoo and blowdry!
  195. Seyma Shabbir says
  196. Valeen N says
    I like to get up right before sunrise, sit on my front porch and watch the sun come up! It's my quiet time!
  197. Buddy Garrett says
    I like to take a moment for mysrlf by taking a walk.
  198. I like to get out and play with my dogs. I find it is both energizing and relaxing at the same time and I'm ready to get back to it.
  199. Tweeted
  200. Tabathia B says
    I curl up with a good book, popcorn and sweet tea tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com
  201. Tabathia B says
    tweet tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com
  202. I take a breath, and then I am ready to go out there and seize what's left of the day.
  203. I publicly Tweeted this giveaway:
  204. Kayce Crews says
    I like to relax and listen to music.
  205. CharityS says
    Meditation and prayer really works for me.
  206. CharityS says
  207. Crystal F says
    I do feel better after I take a little time to myself. It's nice to get a break before getting back into things. thank you!
  208. Pamela Gurganus says
    I like to take a moment for myself by sitting on the patio with a good book and a nice glass of wine. I definitely feel relaxed and at peace after which helps me get a good nights rest so I'm ready to get back out there and seize the next day!
  209. Pamela Gurganus says
    I tweeted about this promotion.

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