Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie
Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie by DelightfulEMade

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie by DelightfulEMade

How are mornings at your house?  If the answer is “rushed”, “hectic”, “chaotic” you’re not alone.  This weekend was the dreaded daylight savings time, spring forward fiasco.  If you have school aged kids, you know exactly why I used the word “fiasco.”  This time change puts a serious amount of stress on an already difficult morning routine.  Getting my child dressed, fed, and out the door is hard enough as it is, and then add sleep deprivation to all parties involved…well, you’re lucky if everyone gets out the door without tears!

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie by Delightful E Made

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie by Delightful E Made

I’m here to help…at least for getting you and your kids fed.  (As for the sleep deprivation, and getting dressed and whatnot, well, I don’t have many solutions.)  🙂  I do, however, have a quick, easy, healthy kid-friendly breakfast option that will help your morning routine tremendously!  This Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie is the perfect breakfast option that can be made in less than 5 minutes, and if need be, can be drank in a to-go cup in the car!

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie by Delightful E Made

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie by Delightful E Made

This recipe is super simple, and only requires 5 ingredients and a blender.  It tastes amazing, and is pretty healthy.  You’re getting plenty of protein from the Greek yogurt and peanut butter, nearly two servings of dairy, and a serving of fruit!  You can use regular cows milk, or using almond milk is really tasty as well!   The creamy texture of the Greek yogurt is complemented by the crunchy peanut butter, which brings it all together!

Yields 1

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

This super-simple and delicious smoothie is perfect for a busy morning a fun and refreshing snack during the day. Quick, healthy and delicious - it doesn't get much better than that!

5 minPrep Time

5 minTotal Time

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  • 1 banana, peeled
  • 3/4 c. milk (your choice: cows milk, soy or almond)
  • 3/4 c. plain Greek yogurt (I like Fage)
  • 2 tbsp. crunchy peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp. honey (optional)


  1. In a blender, add all the ingredients. Blend to a smooth, creamy texture. (Add a handful of ice if you would like an extra cold, frosty smoothie.) Pour and enjoy!

I really enjoy this as a post-workout smoothie, and its great for an after-school snack as well.

If your mornings have been hectic, chaotic or stressful, I hope they get better!  Enjoying some smoothies for breakfast may help your day get off to a great start.




  1. My mornings are hectic too and smoothies help make things go smoother. Love love peanut butter and banana combinations!!
  2. I feel you pain every year at Day Light Savings Time! Thanks for another great quick breakfast recipe!
  3. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I tried it and posted the recipe on my blog. It is delicious and filling! Thanks again, Kathy
  4. Evelyn says
    I just made this smoothie and it is delicious! Thanks for the recipe! Do you know how many calories is in this smoothie?


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