Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

The BEST Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

Looking for an easy, 5 minute blueberry smoothie recipe? This healthy blueberry smoothie is the perfect healthy breakfast or snack. Also makes a great kid-friendly blueberry protein smoothie after-school snack or quick breakfast!

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Healthy blueberry smoothie, blueberry protein smoothie in a glass topped with blueberries and coconut.

The Easiest 5-minute Blueberry Protein Smoothie

Do you and your family love healthy smoothie recipes? They’re a great way to add whole fruits, protein and nutrients to your diet. Smoothies are also a great alternative to unhealthy processed foods that many people go to for breakfast. (Ahhh hem, I see you Pop Tarts, donuts and sugary cereal!)

This healthy blueberry smoothie has everything you need for the perfect start to your day. This blueberry protein smoothie offers antioxidants, calcium, protein and fiber – everything you need to nourish your body in a healthy way.

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Ingredients for a healthy blueberry smoothie, blueberry protein smoothie.

How do I make a healthy blueberry smoothie?

Here’s the ingredients you’ll need to make this quick and easy blueberry protein smoothie:

  • fresh or frozen blueberries
  • Almond milk (or any other milk of your preference, dairy or plant-based)
  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Unsweetened flake coconut
  • Unflavored collagen protein (vanilla protein powder also works)

(For exact ingredient amounts and full instructions be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post for the complete recipe. Thanks!)

Healthy blueberry smoothie in blender, blueberry protein smoothie.

What blender do I use for making smoothies?

I have the Blendtec Designer Series Blender which is a smoothie power house! Not only is this blender great for smoothies, it’s fantastic for making blender muffins and pancakes (perfectly smooth batter!) as well as soups, nut butters and more!

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Healthy blueberry smoothie with coconut and blueberries.

What are the healthiest things to put in a smoothie?

Smoothies are wonderful for their versatility in ingredients! Here are just a few ideas for ingredients to add to your smoothies to make them even healthier:

  • Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale
  • Protein sources like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and good quality protein powder
  • Good fats, like nut and seed butter, almonds, walnuts and cashews
  • Fresh berries and fruits: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, bananas, oranges, pineapple, cantaloupe, and kiwi

More more smoothie recipe ideas, check out my book, The Protein Smoothie Bible! Yeah, I’m a cookbook author!!

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Blueberry protein smoothie topped with coconut and blueberries.

Does drinking fruit smoothies help you lose weight?

Adding healthy fruit smoothies made with whole, healthy ingredients can be a useful tool in losing weight. However, make sure you are keeping your portion in check (8 oz, or 1 cup is a serving for a smoothie).

Also remember to add plenty of good sources of lean protein, limit processed foods, limit refined sugar and stay at a consistent and reasonable calorie deficit for your weight.


Healthy blueberry smoothie in a glass with paper straw.

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Here’s the recipe for this healthy, delicious Blueberry Protein Smoothie:

Serves 2 smoothies

Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

Looking for an easy, 5 minute blueberry smoothie recipe? This healthy blueberry smoothie is the perfect healthy breakfast or snack. Also makes a great kid-friendly blueberry protein smoothie recipe!

5 minPrep Time

5 minTotal Time

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  • 1 c. almond milk (dairy or your preferred plant-based milk)
  • 1/2 c. plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 scoop (approximately 2 Tbsp.) unflavored collagen protein
  • 1 c. frozen blueberries
  • 1/4 c. unsweetened flake coconut


  1. In a blender, add all ingredients.
  2. Blend for 45 seconds to 1 minute or until all ingredients are blended to a smooth consistency.
  3. Pour into two glasses and enjoy right away while cold.
  4. Serves 2.


Substitutes for the collagen protein: you can also use any good quality vanilla flavored protein powder. Milk: you can use either dairy or plant-based milk. This will affect the protein and fat content.


lacto vegetarian
gluten free
egg free
soy free
wheat free
seafood free
sesame free
mustard free


Healthy blueberry smoothie, blueberry protein smoothie in blender and glass.


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